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Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 20, 2009


We had family come to visit. We did some really fun things. Here are some pix.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


SO.... Dave and I have this old infiniti<---(Spelled wrong) That a friend gave us! And well it needs some work to get going, and we have had this since April and have been trying to save money to fix it. And everytime we get close.... OUR MONEY DISSAPEARS! Were like what happened.... And then we went to our online banking to look at our summary, and then we see the Kohls bill for the amazingly good deal on suit for Dave... (Dave has never had a suit and we had the money and we just couldnt pass up the great deal) and for the $44 dollar memory foam pillow I HAD to have cuz i cant sleep worth crap unless my neck and head are comfortable, then we saw the money we spent on gas for 2 vehicles that are my parents that we use so therefor we insure and pay gas for, then we saw the bills we had to pay (if i let Dave have his way we wouldnt pay them) and then we had our grocery bill, which we have no idea why it is the high, when niether of us is home to eat dinner, and we usually sleep through breakfast, so paid a lot of money it seems for just lunch food. We must eat like pigs. hahaha. SO there we have it. We found out where all our money went, we were a little amazed on how fast it went, but it always seems to be that way. It is a kick to the stomach when u feel u work all the time and your money is gone in 3 days after getting paid. LOL. It makes us laugh, but it is a sad laugh. we wonder if we will ever get the car fixed, but we know we will, its just a matter of when... Dave jokes and says that we will probably fix it when we get our taxes back in about months. I realy hope it is before then. Untill the car is fixed, we are grateful to my parents for their help on letting us use their vehicles.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sam's Club and Family...

So today we went to Sam's Club, and i am amazed by it. I have been there several times and i cant seem to get over a one thing. LIKE how you buy only a few items, but you spend over a hundred dollers! Its irratating. Why do bulk items have to cost so much. AND.... sometimes you really dont want 60 packages of sunflower seeds and you just want 10! Why can't their be an inbetween. It has to much bulk for me. However one of their best deals is their milk, and bananas, so much cheaper than at the store. ANYWAYS... So as some of you may know my younger brother and his wife have moved to missouri. They live in springfield with her parents and that is about 30 minutes from here. We all are super happy about it. Its nice to have a sibling around especially steven since we are so close in age, we get along great! Well like today Dave me and my mom went into springfield to go to sams club and run some other errands, and steven came and met us at sams club and hung out with us, Kaitlynn couldnt, she was working, but it was still fun! It reminded me of when we were younger. It's just nice to have more family around, i wish i could have more... but it just nice having some.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Angels and Demons and Backyard Burger!

So Dave and I finally were able to out on a date. It was a day date but still a date. We haven't been able to spend much time together lately. We both have been working like crazy. So yesterday we went out to lunch in springfield. We went to backyard burger. Which is a really good, the only thing i didnt like was their expensive strawberry lemonade. It had way to much sugar. So dont get that! They also have mini coblers, so Dave got an apple, and a blackberry cobelers. They were so good!!! We enjoyed lunch. Then we went to the movies and we were about an hour early and they have an arcade so Dave and I wasted like $7 on arcade games. Then we got Dave his popcorn and we went to see Angels and Demons. I was not super excited to see it, there were some other movies i wanted tosee asweel and this was the one Dave chose. Then so we LOVED it. It was such a good sequal. We almost think is was better than the first. It was a lot easier to follow than the first and there was a lot more action. It was so intense. Tom Hanks is such a great actor and Ewen Mcgregor does an awesome job as well. There are several twists! It is kinda long but its not boring at all. So we say GO SEE IT! Worth the money! So we had an awesome date! We felt like we were dating again! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another New Nephew!

Well recently My borthers wife had a new baby boy, and then a few days later Daves sister had her baby which is a boy also! His name is Jackson James Patience. I havent seen any pictures yet of him. But he is a tiny little baby, only 4 pounds and he was born on time! He was way to little to be a full 9 months. I was 4 punds and i was born 5 weeks early. They think he was that small because they think the cord was wrapped around his neck for awhile and he didnt get all the nutriants he needed to be bigger, but he is fine now and at home with mom (Dave's sister Heidi) who is bed ridden, because during her labor her blood pressure shot up super high and it hasnt gone down. So she is home being taken care of by her husband. But other than that, they are fine! YEA! Congrats to Heidi and James!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor Lulu!

So for the last two weeks Lulu (family dog) has been coughing and gaging. She hasnt been running around because everytime she does she coughs. It is so sad! So we took her to the vet because we were concerned. We thought she might have heartworm. Bur she doesnt which is GREAT! She actually has bronchitis. Who knew dogs could have branchitis!? Well she she is on antibiotics and we can give her normal cough medicine! Weird huh! So anyways we are really happy she is ok!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My New Nephew

~~~Spencer Micheal Boren~~~

My new nesest nephew was born on thursday morning! He is the son of Kevin and Christine. He obviosly has red hair just like Katelynn (his sister). They didnt want to know the sex of the baby untill he was born so this whole time they have been cluless about what he would be. Meanwhile Katelynn his now big sister kept saying he was gonna be a boy and nobody else thought he would and turns out she was right! They are so excited nd happy and they are now at home! I am super happy for them! I can't wait to see my newest nephew!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steven's Wedding

Me and my little brother!
Steven and Katelynn at the luncheon.

Cute... First dance!

Our family!

Steven and Katelynn got married on March 28th at the Bountiful Temple. They were so happy! It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for them. We had such a wonderful day. After the wedding we went to a luncheon at Tucano's and it was so yummy and filling! It is a very nice place. Then we went to the reception and we had a blast. I loved the chocolate fountain and so did everybody else! We got steven and Katelynns car! It was defenitly payback for steven getting our of our cars when we all got married! Katelynn looked so beautiful and was glowing! I cant believe my little brother is married now! Congrats to them both!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here we come Utah!

So as some of you may know, my younger brother (Steven) is getting married on March 28th. So Dave and I are obviously going! We are leaving tomorrow the 25th and we are super excited. We dont get to stay very long, we fly home on the 30th. But while we are there we will see my entire family, and Two of Dave's sisters. Since we dont have time to go to Idaho they are coming down for a day! Oh and my mom insists on having a family photo since we have no idea when we will all be together again. Sad! But anyways i am so excited for Katelynn to be my new sister n law! Steven and her make such a cute couple! I am also super excited to see my bestest friend ever Hennifer! And something that i think is cool is that Dave and I will be flying together on a plane for the first time! FUN! I cant wait. Dave is so excited to have time off at work, he needs a break! So this is kinda our first real vacation! Well i will let you know how ot all goes!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shamus O'Rielly

So our ward was having a St. Patricks Day theme for our March ward party. So my mom asked Dave to play a very tall leprechaun. So he agreed. It was so entertaining to watch him! He played such a great leprechaun, he had a great irish accent! We called him Shamus O'Reilyy. He made the whole ward laugh. He read a story about a leprechaun and a boy to the primary kids. They enjoyed it. Dave is so good with kids. He is going to make a great father someday! Needless to say i laugh every single day, several times a day. I'm grateful for being so lucky to have married such a funny and wonderful husband. My life definetly isnt boring. Oh!! and im lucky to have my birthday on St. Patricks Day! I cant wait to here Dave's Irish accent again! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

wInTeR sToRm

So on Monday (January 26th) we had the beginning of a winter storm. The first night we got freezing rain! Which is really bad stuff. It makes everything icy! Then it turned into sleet. And we ended up getting like 2 inches of sleet over the next two days. Then the sleet turned into snow! we got 4 inches of snow!!! I was so excited! It was so pretty. It snowed hard for like 3 hours straight. That night Dave got a ride to work. And my dad and I went into town to pick him up at like 1:30 a.m and coming out of the garage we got stuck. Haha. but we got out of it. And we were able to get Dave safely. Then Yesterday Dave and I wanted to play in the snow. So we did! It was fun but super cold. It was like 4 degrees with the wind chill, and so we didnt stay out very long. But we enjoyed it! Lulu was outside with us and after like 10 minutes she started whimpering and we saw that she was keeping her feet up. The snow was too cold for her feet! It was so sad to watch her. We finally got her back in the garage.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Eve

So for New Years Eve my parents had some friends over. Dave couldnt be there he had to work. I was kinda sad he had to but whatever. So there was about 13 people there. It was really fun. We played some games, ate food, and of course socialized. Everyone enjoyed themselves. So ate midnight we at took pictures. Well In this picture i was talking to Dave wishing him a happy new year cuz he was on his way home from work. It was a good night. We all dodnt go to bed untill like 2 a.m. I have no idea why. So we all slept in. My mom and I watched the Rose Parade. Just kinda a habbit. It was pretty. Dave didnt get up till 12. And he didnt have to work so we were just kinda lazy all day. It was a relaxing, peaceful day.

Monday, January 5, 2009


On Christmas morning me and my mom got up and made breakfast. It took kinda long but it was good. Then we opened presents. It was a very quit morning with no kids and all. I was the one to get all excited. Haha. We all really liked our gifts. I surprised Dave with guitar Hero. And then 3 days later the guitar broke. I was so upset! So we returned it and upgraded to a set that had the game and 2 guitars, so we both could play. I actually turned out to pretty good at it. We have an awesome time playing together. It nice that i can be apart of something Dave likes to do. We have almost beat the game! These are our guitars. We like them, Dave got the better one. But it is technically his game. So Dave got me this really pretty necklace that i absolutely love! I actually picked it out awhile ago, but forgot what it looked like so i was still surprised. And we both got some other cool things. Dave and I bought my parents a log holder for their fireplace. They wanted it. So we got it. We had a quit morning but for christmas dinner our house was like a crazy, fun, fiasco. My parents friends came over and some of their kids with their kids, and their home teachers came over as well. so it was crowded but fun! Christmas isnt christmas without loud kids! haha. We all had a great time!

Ward Christmas Party

My mom is the activities director for our ward. So Dave and I were kinda dragged into being apart of it, so we were kind of santas helpers. You may not think so but Dave loves that hat! ;) We had fun doing it! It was a very sucessful party! Everyone had fun! My mom is good at that stuff!


We went to Branson, MO with my parents. First we went to this resturant called the Hard Luck Diner. All the waiters and waitresses have to audution because they sing while they serve food. It was very fun and they all are amazing singers. Then across the street they have this year round christmas store and it has like 7 different rooms. It was so cool. I loved it! That is where dave was sitting on santas lap! Then we went to this thing called the Festival of lights. It took forever to find! We were so lost! haha. We asked for directions two times. We finally found it. It is this random road that they put lights around. It was pretty. We had a very fun time. It was me and Dave's first time to Branson. It was a very neat experience. We went down main street where all the theaters are. People who perform there are like the Duttons and Six. It is a very fun enviroment.