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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

6 Months Old

My baby girl is growing up so fast! I can't believe she is half way to being 1 years old!! Well we recently had her 6 month checkup. She is 15.9 pounds 40th percentile, and 24 1.2 inches long 10th percentile. Some of her accomplishments are: She is rolling around everywhere! She babbles constantly, and she has found a very high pitched voice, she now can grab things off of very low shelves(yikes!), she sits up very well, eating baby food (she loves it), she sleeps without a swaddle now, usually sleeping on her tummy, she laughs so much lately, it's so cute! She is such a sweetheart! I just love her to death! (Kendall is currently getting into trouble playing with something she shouldn't be! Hahahaha) The joys of motherhood. It is so amazing to see her learn new things, and explore. I just love being a mother. It is however so much more work! I constantly find myself cleaning up, buying something new, feeding, or holding my child, along with doing housework, dishes, laundry, cooking, and other cleaning. Kendall also gets grumpy in the evenings, so it makes it hard for me to be by my self then, since that is when Dave works. Anyway, life is awesome, and I can't wait to enjoy Kendall's first holidays!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

4 Months Old!

I can't believe Kendall is already 4 months old! She is growing so fast! Time really does seem to fly! We had her appointment, and it went well. Kendall is in the 47th percentile for weight, she is 13 pounds 11 ounces, and in the 8th percentile for height, she is 23 inches tall. She might be a shorty like me. She is progressing well, hitting all the age requirements. I haven't started her on rice cereal yet, she isn't quite ready for it, she just isn't interested. He told us to put her in her own room, and so far it has worked well. She got some more shots, and that was not fun to say the least. She didn't have the same reaction this time. Instead of just sleeping she was cranky non-stop, and medicine didn't seem to help. Oh well. He also told us we should get her on a bottle so Dave and I can go on a date. We haven't had a date since April, and it is much needed. We have tried twice, and it is just a major failure. He wants nothing to do with it. We have tried different bottles, and everything. he she wont even drink the milk that gets in her mouth! She is very stubborn! Well I guess if we can't get her to take it, I will just have to feed her right before we leave, and stay in our small town. :( oh well. At least we will get some time to ourselves. We have been trying for awhile now to get Kendall on a nap schedule, and its pretty much hit and miss. If we leave and run errands, she WON'T fall asleep! She cries in the car the entire time! If we are at home, and they only time she will take a nap is at 11, and Dave gets her to fall asleep in the swing in her room. She refuses to fall asleep if i'm in there, which is making it impossible to take an afternoon nap. So frustrating. She has never really slept much during the day but she gets so cranky, because she is SO tired. *sigh. We just keep trying, she needs to get on this schedule. Anyways, some of her accomplishments right now, are: rolling over, laughing, smiling a ton, sleeping a full nights rest, holding her head up really well, and we are working on sitting up.

Racing Day!

So we were planning on having a quite Saturday about a month ago. But then Dave won tickets at work to Lucas Oil Speedway (Dirt Track) VIP Suite. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, because the track was over and 1 1/2 hours away, and we didn't know how Kendall would do. However, I knew we wouldn't get this opportunity again, and Dave really wanted to go. The only reason I said yes, was that there would be an air condition room we could stay in and watch the race from. So we decided to do it. We left at like 4 in the evening, and Kendall cried for about 45 minutes, then passed out. It was a pretty drive, but this track was literally in the middle of nowhere! We got there and we had an enjoyable time. Kendall wasn't fussy at all! We left before it was over though, because we didn't want to be exhausted for church the next day. Kendall just fell asleep right away, then woke up for the last half hour. Dave enjoyed seeing all the races. He sat outside most of the night. It was just too loud for Kendall to be out there longer than a minute! Anyways first attempt was nice!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dave's Family

So Dave's mom and two of his sisters, and two nephews came to visit us for a week. We haven't seen his mom in almost for years, and his sisters in almost 3 years. So it was so nice to see them.. While they were here it was a tight squeeze in our home, but it worked out fine. While they were here he went to Branson, and did lots of fun things. Like.... Zip-lining, went to the fish hatchery, maze of mirrors, Ride the Ducks, Lamberts cafe, Mels hard luck Diner, rode a train, and much more. It was a busy week, so it flew by way to fast. we were very sad to see them leave. We had a great time with them and will miss them.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3 months old!

My baby is over months old now! She is growing way to fast. She now weighs 12 pounds. She is a mommy's girl, but definitely loves her daddy time! She HATES tummy time. She is super vocal about everything. Its so cute. She likes being held, She doesn't mind her diaper being changed, because she loves being in her bedroom. She sleeps from 11-7 almost every night without interruptions, being swaddled in a sleep sack. She has discovered her tongue and sticks it out to one side of her mouth! Its hilarious! She doesn't like being in her car-seat, she still has re-flux so she takes an antacid medicine twice a day, she doesn't like the medicine. the only way we get her to swallow it is to blow in her face. She amazes us everyday, and we love to see her learn new things. We are just so happy she is in our lives.

Blessing Day 4/29/2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

This was Kendall first 4th of July! I was a little nervous how the day would go, with all we had planned to do. We first went to our church's breakfast at 8 a.m.! Then headed over to the square to watch the parade. We thankfully go there early enough to be in the shade. The parade was like 2 hours long, and Kendall was a champ! She had fun. Then we went home had a quick lunch, then Dave was off to work. :( Then Kendall took a much needed nap. We then went to my parents house for a BBQ, it was yummy. We then did sparklers, and then headed into town to watch fireworks. Kendall did now enjoy that one single bit. It was hot and humid and loud. She basically cried the entire time, so we left a little early, and beat the traffic. Kendall cried almost the whole way home, she was just so exhausted. We got home, waited for Dave to get home and then went to bed! It was a long but fun day, I just wish Dave could have been there with us.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

2 months old!

So Kendall had her 2 month check up last Monday, and it went well. We really like her doctor, he is great with kids and doesn't make you feel like an idiot for all of our concerns. He also shows concern for us as well. He wants to make sure that we are having time to ourselves without Kendall, this is our homework. lol. Anyways, Kendall is now 10 pounds and 22 3/4 long! She is in the 44%. Woo Hoo! Her doctor upped her re-flux medicine. She is a fussy baby, he says upping her medicine should help her, not to be so fussy. She got  some vaccinations. It was so sad. I think it was more traumatic for me than it was for her. But other than that she is doing well. She is smiling a whole lot more, and is almost laughing. I love it! She is such a sweetheart and we are just so happy she is in our life! She melts our hearts. Well we are currently trying to transition her from sleeping in her swing to the cradle. Not going so well.... Which i really dont want to do because she is sleeping about 8 hours straight in it. So i will miss my sleep when we can actually get her to sleep in the cradle. She also is not taking naps during the day, which is so frustrating. She so tired in the evening, that she doesn't want to do anything but eat and be held. I never can get anything done. By the time she finally goes to bed, she is super exhausted, so it makes it even harder for her to fall asleep. But eventually she does. I have really been trying to get her on a schedule during the day, it has not been easy at all. I think maybe i should just stay home for a whole week, to get her on a schedule. I don't really want to do that. Anyways. We are so excited Kendall is doing well, and can't  believe how fast time is flying. I have also learned that we have no idea what we are doing! lol. We learn as we go.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet Kendall Nicole Bland!

She was born Saturday, April 7th at 9 a.m. She weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 3/4 inches long. She is absolutely perfect. We are amazed just how amazing and cute she is. We just couldn't be happier. And though you can't tell she has brown hair, just like her daddy. My Labor and delivery went very well! I was very blessed. It started at about 10 p.m friday night when I was convinced that my water had broke. My mom and sister took me to the hospital, and Dave met us there from work. We went straight to triage where it took 4-5 hours for them to decide my water had actually broke, and admit me. I had to walk for 2 seperate hours, and I was in so much pain from the contractions. Then by 5:30 i finally go the epidural! However, for some weird reason it didnt take on my right lower back/hip area, so i still felt part of the contractions. Then at 8:15 i started pushing and at 9 she was welcomed into this world! It was amazing. I had to have an episotomy, and other stitches since i had a tear on the inside. When I first saw her i couldn't help but burst into tears, then Dave and I were cryng together. It was such an amazing moment. We love our daughter so much! We were blessed to have lots of visitors. We appreciated all the support and love we have been blessed with.

Monday, April 30, 2012

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Friday, March 30, 2012

38 Weeks! Almost there!

Im now 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, and i'm ready for it to be over! lol. I can't believe how fast time has flown by, but lately I feel like everyday drags on and on and on and on! I'm just so ready to meet our daughter! We are just so excited to see what she looks like, which side she takes after.
In this pregnancy, i'm so over the swelling! I have kanckles! My feet, legs and hands are the worst. Sometimes even painful, my feet hurt everyday.
I found out at this last appointment that I was 50% effaced and nothing else. So all this last week, I took walks, trying to have gravity on my side. So far it hasn't put me labor. But I guess we'll see how i'm doing Monday at my next appointment. I also found out that I lost 7 pounds. My weight is just all over the place. When I have this baby, I will weigh less than I did before I got pregnant, which is nice and crazy! My little girl has been moving all around and I love it, however I have to pee very often because of it. hahaha, oh well. My emotions have been all over the place, most of all i'm just frustrated, because I just want her to come into this world! I guess when she is ready she will make her appearance. Anyways, thats how everything is going.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

37 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Shower

I had such a wonderful baby shower. I'm so grateful for those who threw it for me. It was wonderful. I'm grateful for those who came. Here are a few pictures from it. The first one is of me, I was 35 weeks.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's in a name, and losing weight?

Well we have had the hardest time trying to find a name for our little girl that will soon be here. When we first found out thatI was pregnant, we thought for sure we were having a boy. Since we thought this we didn't give much thought to a girl's name. So when we found out we were expecting a baby girl, we were thrown for a loop. We came up with several names, and I do mean SEVERAL names. We would pick a top 5 and got from there. We would find a name and then find a reason to hate it. lol. This happened A LOT! We probably went through 10-15 names. lol. We had a few guidelines the name had to meet. Such as: It had to be unique, Since my name is so common, I wanted our daughters to be uncommon. Then it couldn't have a stupid nickname that went to it, we found lots of names we liked, but hated he nicknames for them. It had to be something we both agreed on. I could never pick a name that I loved, but Dave didn't, it would bother me. So after all that we finally picked a name, and wouldn't tell people until recently. I find that it's harder to tell us you don't like the name if we have for sure picked it, then just saying were considering it. Lol. I know, i'm weird. So the name we have decided, and I could care less if you like it or don't like it, is....
Kendall Nicole Bland
BTW she is now 5 pounds 11 ounces, which is in the 50th percentile. Oh and I have lost 6 pounds! I don't understand. I'm not trying to lose weight at all. I'm just on this diet gestational diabetes diet, wich is making me lose weight. So if you get technical with all the losing weight i've done, I have not gained a single pound since I got pregnant. Crazy! I might even be smaller after I have her, than I was when I got pregnant! Oh and this losing weight thing is not affecting, she is gaining weight like she should, and is doing great.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1 year anniversary of my miscarriage

It has been 1 year to the day since I had the miscarriage. I'm not sure how to feel today, except I know that I have had a very emotional and grumpy day so far. I Feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was grumpy paying bills, and therfor stressed afterwards, because the medical bills keep piling up and for some reason, the stupid hospital won't work with you very well with payments. Then I have other obligations that cost money, that are frustrating, and then theres the 1 year ann. of the miscarriage. I think that; that fact is making it hard to handle all these emotions today. I feel sadness for the loss of my baby, but I know I will be with him/her one day if we live rightously.
Also, I have been SO extrememly blessed since then. I am now carrying our daughter who I love more than anything. She is such a blessing. We will meet her very soon. Our lives aren't easy, but we always manage to make it through the rough patches, and I know that it's because of our faith in our Heavenly Father, and our love for all he has done for us, with the atonement. I Know that everything is going to work out with this pregnancy and that we will have our little girl in our lives soon, and be able to raise her to be a virtuous daughter of God. I Just need to get through today, as best as I can, so far it has involved tears, and stress, but hopefully it will go better. I have a great support system from my husband, and he has calmed me down. I love him so much, he is always there for me, and I know that he is going to be a great father.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Only 43 days left!

Well lately we have been feeling our little girl move/kick so much more these days. It's so exciting. We have been going for fetal monitoring weekly and will continue to do so until she is born. She has been a little stubborn in these appointments. She defienetly has a mind of her own. :) Next week we get an ultrasound to see how big she is getting.
I'm now on 20 units of insulin at bedtime, which seems to be working. I'm trying hard to keep my blood sugar in check, which seems to be working. I found out at my last doctors appointment that I have actually only gained 6 POUNDS this entire pregnancy! Which seems to be ok, and obviously most of that is the baby. I seem to have lost weight like every other appointment, which is crazy. My doctor is not concerned about the lack of weight gain, since I could stand to lose weight.
I will be 34 weeks tomorrow! I have only 43 days left! I can't believe how close we are getting to meeting our baby girl! We can't wait!
This weekend is my baby shower. I'm so excited for it! :) I don't know much of whats going on at it, since my mom won't tell me, but I know its going to be fun! Anywho, thats what's been going on. I will post pictures of it afterwards.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

32 Weeks & Valentines Day

So I'm 32 weeks today! I can't believe it! Dave and I have been getting so excited. We can't wait to meet her. We wonder who shes going to take after. Is she going to have darker skin with brown hair, or fair skin with blonde or strawberry blonde hair! We go into her room, a.k.a. the nursrey, everyday and look at what weve done to it and still plan on doing to it.
Well I now have to go in every week for fetal monitoring, and I am on Insulin overnight. I have to give myself a shot in my stomach around 10:30 everynight. It kinda sucks, but what can you do? The last time they checked, her weight was 3 pnds, 8 oz. Which is in the 53rd percintile. So thats good, hopefully wih the insulin and diet i'm on she wont get to large to deliver vaginally. We took a tour of the hospital last saturday where I will be giving birth to her. It just made me even more excited. All the rooms I will be in are private, so i'm super happy about that. We finally go our tax return back so we plan on buying me the things I will need in the hospital, and after we bring baby home!
Oh yeah yesterday was Valentines day. I usually hate this day, becuase of all the hype it gets. But yesterday was amazing. So Dave and I went out last saurday celebrating this holiday since we knew he had to work Tuesday, which was fine, he baught me my favorite flower, pink roses and i got him loads of candy. It was fine. So yesterday, when he is leaving i'm feeling particularly down, (stupid pregnancy hormones) and I now know he could obviously tell. So I decide tot take a nap, and like an hour later i get a text from him asking me out for dinner. I was like "what?" and then I said "no", because then he would be taking no pay for the day, and he said "you really going to say no?" I said "well no, i guess not, yeah i'll go, but i'm very confused, where are you?" Dave says "just go get ready, i'm on my way home." At this point im confused and super excited! So he gets home and says we need to go. Then we show up at the movies and he buys tickets to The Vow, which I have been wanting to see since he came out recently! I assumed I would just have to rent it on red box, because he doesn't like movies like that. Anyway, then we went to dinner at Chili's, and it was a really relaxing night. He is so sweet! He never surprises me and so I was very happy that he did. It was a nice evening and I just know that i'm truly blessed with an amazing husband, who I know is going to be a wonderful father!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dealing with a few bumps in the road.

I'm now 29 weeks and in my third trimester! I can't believe i'm only 11 weeks away from having this little girl! Im doing well, super tired though. At my last appointment her heartbeat was 135! I loved listeningto her heartbeat! I'm down to 2 appointments a month or every other week. Pregnancy life has certainly changed since I was 26 weeks. I was Diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and Anemia. I'm taking an Iron supplement along with my prenantal for the anemia, and have changed my entire life for the GD. I have had to change my diet, and eating schedule. I have to eat 6 times a day, 3 meals, and 3 snacks. I cut out most carbs. I can only have a certain amount for each meal/snack. It's more annoying than anything, but I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, so thats interesting. Then I have to test my blood sugar 4 times a day! That is absolutely the worst part of it. My fingers are not doing so well from all the poking! I have to draw it first thing in the morning and an hour after each main meal. Argg! I hate it, but whatever. My motivation is of course my little girls health. I want to be healthy for her. I'm also now considered a high risk pregnancy, so I will start seeing that doctor as well as my obgyn for the rest of my pregnancy. I get frustrated sometimes not being able to eat a freaken cookie or a piece of fruit. (Fruit are very high in carbs, I had to cut down on fruit! Which is bad because that is like what I have been craving!) Anywho thats how baby and I are doing. Dave and I got our crib and other furniture set up in the nursery! We are super excited for it! Just can't wait for everything to come together.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

26 weeks and counting...

So yesterday I had my last monthly appointment, and my last ultrasoud for now. My baby girl was finally able to cooperate, and they were able to get the last measurements they needed. The coolest thing at the ultrasound appointment was that when I felt her inside I could see it on the monitor! It was so cool! She is in a breach position which is normal for now, but my doctor later told me that is why Dave probably hasn't been able to feel her yet, because it's harder to feel the kicks on the outside down lower. We were both disappointed by that, oh well at least she is doing well. She is 2 pnds 2 oz, and heartrate was 126. I also had the glucose done yesterday, so just waiting to see of he calls us Monday with bad results, or no call means good results. Everything is going well, and we scheduled all of our remaining appointments. Only 8 left! and 3 of those are weekly! Were getting so excited, but nervous too. We dont have like anything purchased, we know those items we are going to buy, just been saving up to buy them. I'm doing well. I'm tired alot, and have the worst bed ever, so I have some back pains, but othere than that I can't complain. I LOVE to feel her kick. When she hears Daves voice, and he talks to her she moves even more! We are absolutley blessed, and grateful for all that we have. I've noticed my prayers have gotten much linger with all the thanks I'm giving, we just have so much to be grateful for. By the Way if you read this can you please pray for my cousins baby, he was born with major heart problems, and has less that 5% to NOT need a heart transplant. He is less than a month old, and is so fragile. Also for my sister-n-law. Her bile going to to her liver from her galbladder has clogged up and can cause her baby boy to be stillborn. They will induce her early by 2 weeks, but are constantly checking on the baby. The weird thing is that this issue only makes her itch A LOT, otherwise it has no effect on her, but can cause problems for baby. Please just pray for them of you can.