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Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 29, 2009

wInTeR sToRm

So on Monday (January 26th) we had the beginning of a winter storm. The first night we got freezing rain! Which is really bad stuff. It makes everything icy! Then it turned into sleet. And we ended up getting like 2 inches of sleet over the next two days. Then the sleet turned into snow! we got 4 inches of snow!!! I was so excited! It was so pretty. It snowed hard for like 3 hours straight. That night Dave got a ride to work. And my dad and I went into town to pick him up at like 1:30 a.m and coming out of the garage we got stuck. Haha. but we got out of it. And we were able to get Dave safely. Then Yesterday Dave and I wanted to play in the snow. So we did! It was fun but super cold. It was like 4 degrees with the wind chill, and so we didnt stay out very long. But we enjoyed it! Lulu was outside with us and after like 10 minutes she started whimpering and we saw that she was keeping her feet up. The snow was too cold for her feet! It was so sad to watch her. We finally got her back in the garage.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Eve

So for New Years Eve my parents had some friends over. Dave couldnt be there he had to work. I was kinda sad he had to but whatever. So there was about 13 people there. It was really fun. We played some games, ate food, and of course socialized. Everyone enjoyed themselves. So ate midnight we at took pictures. Well In this picture i was talking to Dave wishing him a happy new year cuz he was on his way home from work. It was a good night. We all dodnt go to bed untill like 2 a.m. I have no idea why. So we all slept in. My mom and I watched the Rose Parade. Just kinda a habbit. It was pretty. Dave didnt get up till 12. And he didnt have to work so we were just kinda lazy all day. It was a relaxing, peaceful day.

Monday, January 5, 2009


On Christmas morning me and my mom got up and made breakfast. It took kinda long but it was good. Then we opened presents. It was a very quit morning with no kids and all. I was the one to get all excited. Haha. We all really liked our gifts. I surprised Dave with guitar Hero. And then 3 days later the guitar broke. I was so upset! So we returned it and upgraded to a set that had the game and 2 guitars, so we both could play. I actually turned out to pretty good at it. We have an awesome time playing together. It nice that i can be apart of something Dave likes to do. We have almost beat the game! These are our guitars. We like them, Dave got the better one. But it is technically his game. So Dave got me this really pretty necklace that i absolutely love! I actually picked it out awhile ago, but forgot what it looked like so i was still surprised. And we both got some other cool things. Dave and I bought my parents a log holder for their fireplace. They wanted it. So we got it. We had a quit morning but for christmas dinner our house was like a crazy, fun, fiasco. My parents friends came over and some of their kids with their kids, and their home teachers came over as well. so it was crowded but fun! Christmas isnt christmas without loud kids! haha. We all had a great time!

Ward Christmas Party

My mom is the activities director for our ward. So Dave and I were kinda dragged into being apart of it, so we were kind of santas helpers. You may not think so but Dave loves that hat! ;) We had fun doing it! It was a very sucessful party! Everyone had fun! My mom is good at that stuff!


We went to Branson, MO with my parents. First we went to this resturant called the Hard Luck Diner. All the waiters and waitresses have to audution because they sing while they serve food. It was very fun and they all are amazing singers. Then across the street they have this year round christmas store and it has like 7 different rooms. It was so cool. I loved it! That is where dave was sitting on santas lap! Then we went to this thing called the Festival of lights. It took forever to find! We were so lost! haha. We asked for directions two times. We finally found it. It is this random road that they put lights around. It was pretty. We had a very fun time. It was me and Dave's first time to Branson. It was a very neat experience. We went down main street where all the theaters are. People who perform there are like the Duttons and Six. It is a very fun enviroment.