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Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Steven's Wedding

Me and my little brother!
Steven and Katelynn at the luncheon.

Cute... First dance!

Our family!

Steven and Katelynn got married on March 28th at the Bountiful Temple. They were so happy! It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for them. We had such a wonderful day. After the wedding we went to a luncheon at Tucano's and it was so yummy and filling! It is a very nice place. Then we went to the reception and we had a blast. I loved the chocolate fountain and so did everybody else! We got steven and Katelynns car! It was defenitly payback for steven getting our of our cars when we all got married! Katelynn looked so beautiful and was glowing! I cant believe my little brother is married now! Congrats to them both!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here we come Utah!

So as some of you may know, my younger brother (Steven) is getting married on March 28th. So Dave and I are obviously going! We are leaving tomorrow the 25th and we are super excited. We dont get to stay very long, we fly home on the 30th. But while we are there we will see my entire family, and Two of Dave's sisters. Since we dont have time to go to Idaho they are coming down for a day! Oh and my mom insists on having a family photo since we have no idea when we will all be together again. Sad! But anyways i am so excited for Katelynn to be my new sister n law! Steven and her make such a cute couple! I am also super excited to see my bestest friend ever Hennifer! And something that i think is cool is that Dave and I will be flying together on a plane for the first time! FUN! I cant wait. Dave is so excited to have time off at work, he needs a break! So this is kinda our first real vacation! Well i will let you know how ot all goes!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shamus O'Rielly

So our ward was having a St. Patricks Day theme for our March ward party. So my mom asked Dave to play a very tall leprechaun. So he agreed. It was so entertaining to watch him! He played such a great leprechaun, he had a great irish accent! We called him Shamus O'Reilyy. He made the whole ward laugh. He read a story about a leprechaun and a boy to the primary kids. They enjoyed it. Dave is so good with kids. He is going to make a great father someday! Needless to say i laugh every single day, several times a day. I'm grateful for being so lucky to have married such a funny and wonderful husband. My life definetly isnt boring. Oh!! and im lucky to have my birthday on St. Patricks Day! I cant wait to here Dave's Irish accent again! :)